Don’t make a speech. Put on a show

- Paul Arden

A great presentation gives smart ideas an advantage

- Nancy Duarte

You must be ruthless in your efforts to simplify your message to its absolute core

- Garr Reynolds

Simplicity is the greatest sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci

Stories have a unique power to move people’s hearts, minds, feeds and wallets

- Peter Gruber

90% of how well the talk will go, is determined before the speakers steps on the stage

- Somers White


Eventvision evolved into a full service technical event production company with a strong link into the area of live communication. We want to know what drives our client, what they want to achieve with their events, and help them to deliver this. We are always up to date with all technical possibilities and pitfalls and have an extensive network of partners worldwide. As a trusted partner for various international companies, we always work closely together with Investor Relations, Communications and Management. Creativity, flawless execution, and calmness are our most important characteristics.

Design & Deliver


Live out of your imagination

Arranging your presentation and staging design

Strong communicative skills bridging communication and design

Experienced in financial communication, top-level meetings and larger marketing events

Earlier involvement in event delivers best results

For every event and every presentation a different team of people and suppliers is composed, with different skill sets, always with a strong core team


Innovate for the present

Event production - being fully in control, loving to give presenters the peace to focus on their performance

The linking pin between all disciplines such as audio, video, webcast, voting, staging, internet connectivity

Many years of international experience

Working with capable and reliable partners

Treating each event as a unique one, large and small

Make sure each technical detail is arranged properly to enable a nice atmosphere for every meeting


Are you inspired or interested? Feel free to contact me to discuss further

Leo Post


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